Debunking You Are What You Eat: A Twin Experiment

You Are What You Eat: A Twin Experiment, is a slick, emotionally driven Netflix documentary series positing that two key problems—the degrading health of the human species and ecological destruction—are both addressed by eating less meat.

Universal Healthcare Is Not Socialism

In an election year, paying for healthcare is one of the most discussed issues, with much of the rhetoric from politicians being polarized. On one side, any mention of universal healthcare is sloshed in the bucket of un-American socialism. On the other side, a single-payer option is championed as the only humane way forward.

Guns and Drugs May Be Bad for Your Health

Opioid use and gun violence have reached epidemic levels here in the United States. At the root of each often lie addiction and mental illness. Going deeper, at the very core one will usually find insecurity and a lack of social connectedness that must be acknowledged in order to heal from and curtail the ravages of these addictions. 

The Ethics of Eating Meat

The ethics of eating meat extend beyond the ascribed relations of humans to livestock and humans to game. 

Life consumes life, and as omnivores, we cannot separate ourselves from this fundamental, underlying ecological truth. As such, our consumption of food, whether mineral, plant, fungal, or animal in origination, must be related to in the larger context of how all species have survived over the millennia.