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Cancer and EMF Radiation: How to Protect Yourself from the Silent Carcinogen of Electropollution
How to Order Your Own Bloodwork and Why You Should

Podcast Interviews
Wise Traditions #206 EMFs and Cancer
Wise Traditions #207 EMFs and Cancer (part 2)
Non Toxic Environments Home Health & Wellness – Electropollution: The Silent Carcinogen 
IEP Radio #16 Electric & Magnetic Fields

Oriental Medicine Journal – The Successful Application of Distal Acupuncture for Facial Pain
Oriental Medicine Journal – The Successful Application of Distal Acupuncture for Head Pain

Medicinal Roots Magazine – Advertising Critical Thinking
Weston A. Price Foundation – Tostones (Recipe)

Standard Process – Addressing Spleen Dampness
Standard Process – Building Patient Trust Through Humility and Homage

SP News – Streamline Office Processes by Prompting Patient Action
SP News – Change Excuses to Action With Incentives
SP News – 3 Things Your Patients Need to Have a Successful Outcome
SP News – The Disservice of Sympathy
SP News – Empathy Makes a Difference in Complete Care
SP News – Draw Upon Collective Expertise to Garner Confidence
SP News – Conscientious Word Choice Can Illuminate Path to Positive Outcome
SP News – Make Office Life Easier for Staff and Yourself With Scripts
SP News – Encouraging Comprehension and Compliance With Scripts

Columnist for Acupuncture Today
Acupuncture Today – Best Practices in SOAP Notation
Acupuncture Today – The Raw Food Debate
Acupuncture Today – Does Dairy Cause Dampness?
Acupuncture Today – A Novel Treatment for Aggressive Energy
Acupuncture Today – The Qigong Master
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Acupuncture Today – The Name Game

The Illinois Acupuncturist – Treating Neurogenic Pain

Contributing Work
Epoch Times – Prolong Your Life by Balancing and Preserving Your Life’s Essence
Epoch Times – Understanding the Heart of Chinese Medicine
Epoch Times – For Faster Healing Use Heat, Not Ice
Epoch Times – Why Cold Weather Causes Colds