DIY Herbal Skin Cancer Treatment?

I was curious to test the claim of black salve to remove an abnormal skin growth and decided to experiment on myself for the sake of science and the edification of my inquisitive readers. What follows is an account of my self-experimentation—and success—with using black salve to remove a large mole on the upper right quadrant of my chest.

Cancer Cause or Cancer Contributor?

What causes cancer, and what contributes to cancer formation? These are two different concepts that overlap and influence each other.

A cause of cancer is a carcinogen. A contributor to cancer formation can be mutagenic but is context-driven by the strength and duration of exposure, genetic predisposition to cancer, and the collective burden of other environmental triggers. 

The Cause of Cancer

I’m always surprised when thought leaders in mainstream oncology claim uncertainty as to the cause of cancer. The answer is quite straightforward—perhaps not simple, but unambiguous despite the complexity of the factors involved in the etiology of cancer.

10 Ways to Minimize Side Effects from Chemotherapy and Surgery

I got my first up-close and personal taste of this during a very difficult conversation shortly after my 3-year-old son, Kicker, was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. While chatting with another cancer dad, he shared his experiences with his young son and how I needed to prepare for…

How to Paint Without Increasing Cancer Risk

Every wall of our new home needed a fresh coat of paint. A dozen gallons of paint later, we moved in without any evidence of off-gassing toxic, cancer-causing chemicals. This is of the utmost importance for our family given my cancer history (with lymphoma, think significant environmental toxicant exposure), and also because my wife is chemically-sensitive and reacts to airborne pollutants.

The Cancer Continuum: Finding Your Own Way

Take a moment and expand on what constitutes a cancer-promoting or anti-cancer lifestyle; think beyond that black-and-white dichotomy.