The Cure for Low Back Pain

Low back pain stands as a pervasive affliction, touching the lives of countless individuals worldwide. It is estimated that up to 80% of the population will experience low back pain at some point in their lifetime, underscoring its prevalence as a leading cause of disability and discomfort. Despite its commonality, the conventional treatment for low back pain often falls short of addressing the root cause of the issue.

The 10 Commandments & Golden Rule of Health

The 10 Commandments of Health Thou shall trust thy body’s innate ability to heal. Thou shall breathe through thy nose. Thou shall not consume genetically modified foods, conventional wheat, or industrial seed oils. Thou shall not chew, vape, or inhale the smoke of...

Artificial Intelligence Is Good for Your Health

Imagine an AI that can make a detailed analysis of how exposure to this endocrine-disrupting environmental toxicant is interacting with that microbiome-disrupting herbicide, in the context of someone with a certain genetic single-nucleotide polymorphism who is also taking multiple medications.

Preventive Medicine Doesn’t Exist

Conventional allopathic medicine operates on a split paradigm. The primary medical initiative is to heroically swoop down when disaster strikes. A car accident or heart attack will bring about a quick and decisive intervention. In managed care, it gets a little more gray. Symptom management may take precedence over addressing the root causes of disease, often because they stem from environmental and lifestyle factors that are unacknowledged or lack solutions within the biomedical model.

Reflections on ‘Kiss the Ground’

All life stems from air, earth, and water. We are all literal and metaphorical extensions of the Earth, as manifested as living soil. No matter what ends up on our plate, the components of that meal derive from elemental forces that amalgamate to form the biodiversity of life.

The Contagious Biofield

As any experienced gardener knows, the health of the soil determines the fate of the planted seed. With COVID-19, it is possible that the activity of the virus is not the root cause of illness and death but a proximate cause. A breakdown in the relationship between our health and our relationship with nature is the true reason so many have fallen ill.