The 10 Commandments & Golden Rule of Health

The 10 Commandments of Health

Thou shall trust thy body’s innate ability to heal.
Thou shall breathe through thy nose.
Thou shall not consume genetically modified foods, conventional wheat, or industrial seed oils.
Thou shall not chew, vape, or inhale the smoke of tobacco (except in sacred ceremonial contexts).
Thou shall only drink alcohol and caffeinated beverages in mindful moderation.
Thou shall not carry an operational cellphone on thy person, use bluetooth, or wear a smart device.
Thou shall sleep according to thy body’s needs and chronotype.
Thou shall balance activity with rest.
Thou shall maintain steadfast boundaries.
Thou shall keep a grateful heart.
Thou shall forgive, thyself and others.

The Golden Rule of Health

Above all else, honor nature’s wisdom and rhythms. 

November 13, 2023

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