Overprescribing Statin Drugs

I recently met with a new primary care physician. At the close of the appointment, the doctor ordered a lipid panel to check cholesterol levels. After the results were posted, his nurse called to report that the doctor had prescribed a statin (cholesterol-lowering) drug that he would like me to start right away. What was this horrific cholesterol level that prompted such an emergent response? Here are my results…

Wishing You Could Skip That Mammogram? Take a Look at Thermography

One thing that gets my goat is the attribution of mammography as preventative medicine, as if getting a yearly mammogram could prevent breast cancer. A mammogram is a tool of prevention not detection.

Censorship on Amazon?

A curious thing happened following the recent publication of my book, “Cancer and EMF Radiation.” I hit an unforeseen snag that hampered my ability to spread the message that non-native electromagnetic fields are a significant human carcinogen.

Healing a Lifetime

All healing is an exercise in change. If you want different results, you have to be willing to do something different. Looking over the breadth of a lifetime of destructive choices, sometimes there is much that needs to be done differently.