The Easy Way to Get More Greens in Your Diet

Are you eating these greens on a regular basis? If the answer is no, there is an easier way. All of the plants listed above are crops organically grown on the Standard Process® farm and compose their flagship green powder supplement, SP® Power Mix.

Viome vs. Biohm: Which Is Best for Microbiome Testing?

Microbiome research is changing the way we practice medicine. After decades of refining the optimization of probiotics, we must now consider the nuances of prebiotics and postbiotics. Think of prebiotics as food for the gut microbiome and postbiotics as health-aiding...

Are You Eating Fake Food?

Traveling late at night when a craving hits? No problem as the nearest gas station has your belly and brain covered with an assortment of colorful and wildly flavorful snack options. How could any reasonable human being find fault in such an agricultural marvel? 

Cancer Cause or Cancer Contributor?

What causes cancer, and what contributes to cancer formation? These are two different concepts that overlap and influence each other.

A cause of cancer is a carcinogen. A contributor to cancer formation can be mutagenic but is context-driven by the strength and duration of exposure, genetic predisposition to cancer, and the collective burden of other environmental triggers. 

My Anticancer Smoothie Recipe

I’ve recently lectured about my experience living with a small bowel obstruction. During that talk I shared my smoothie recipe, formulated for its ease of digestion and nutrient density. Although no longer suffering from episodes of small bowel obstruction, I have maintained my ritual of blending a breakfast smoothie for its anticancer benefits.

To Heat or Not to Heat: The Failing of Raw Food Diets

The findings of Francis Pottenger are often cited as proof that humans, as animals, should be consuming a raw diet. Being that humans are the only Earth-dwellers who have harnessed fire, raw food is indeed the only option on the menu for the rest of the animal kingdom.